individuals, companies, foundations, trusts and institutional investors
on a performance basis, transparently and fairly.

The Company

Confidia AG is an independent asset manager founded in 1971, providing asset management solutions to its clients.
We use our experience and knowledge to ensure our clients receive the most appropriate advice, tailored to their requirements at all times.
We are wholly independent and free to choose our partners and the products we recommend. Our business model is fee-based and transparent.

Asset Management

Confidia Asset Management works with our clients to help them realize their long and short-term financial goals, recognizing that no two individuals are the same.
Confidia is a bespoke wealth manager, custom tailoring solutions to the requirements, goals, and risk appetites of our individual clients. Thus, a key area of focus is establishing and maintaining clear communication with our clients. We are available 24-7.
We work on a performance basis, rather than a commission basis, avoiding any conflict of interest issues with our clients.
Client authority: Custodial bank accounts are controlled by the clients, as are all actions investment advisors are permitted to take. Clients choose the level of supervision and guidance they wish to exercise.

The Asset Management Relationship

Client Asset Management Review

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Core Values

Confidia AG’s way of doing business is always based on ethical values; transparency, detailed analysis, diligence, and prudence. To this end, Confidia Asset Management works exclusively for its clients’ well-being and is not restricted to any financial products, investment strategies, outside relationships, or ideologies. Our clients benefit from total price transparency with no hidden fees.

The choice of custodian banks and brokers to carry out cost-effective trading and processing of transactions is always the client’s.