Monetize your business

with our fast and reliable digital wallet solution. Our subsidiaries efficiently process payments for their customers locally and internationally.

Collecting Funds & Payments

Our solution features intelligent routing to ensure that the most appropriate payment methods are offered for each transaction ensuring maximum coverage, security and traction.

Digital Wallet

The dedicated app from our associate company HowToPay is available from the AppStore and Google Play. It’s easy to top-up your Digital Wallet and make payments.
Key benefits of the mobile app are:
  • View all payments made
  • Easy to top-up balance
  • Receive credits from other users directly to the app
  • Transfer credits from one user to another using a QR code
  • Make in-person payments using a QR code
  • Access POS services (Business Accounts only) Coming Soon
  • Request a payment from another user
  • Accept or decline a payment

Why Choose Confidia/HowToPay ?

Trusted by over 1.8 million users worldwide
Low chargebacks and refunds
User friendly mobile apps and website
Offers more payment methods to customers
Established for more than 20 years’ with a proven track record
24/7 support team